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Done in 2005, this project was done as a case study to achieve zero carbon emission with the Chicago climate of the extreme humid summer and the extreme cold of winter.
Besides using thermal mass, shading, natural ventilation, green roof terrace, materials are also high soy –based performance insulated precast concrete panels. Energy for the house for heating and cooling comes from a geothermal system and electricity comes from photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine.

“The dining terrace connects the passer-by to the garden and canopy tree in it. The building's fa├žades are draped with ivy. Windows on both the North and South walls give the building a porous feel.A layer of mosses, herbs, and grasses cover the building's roofs. The accessible green roofs encourage bio-diversity and absorb water runoff, while insulating the interior and protecting the roof from thermal shock and ultra violet deterioration.We divided the house into four zones. Bathrooms are stacked and ventilated as an isolated area of higher moisture and heat. The kitchen is ventilated as an isolated area of higher moisture, heat, and odor. The living and dining spaces are located on the west side of the building where one can enjoy the last rays of the evening sun after work. The detached Multi-Use space is employed as part of the garden and is occasionally heated and cooled.”

Interesting note for architecture students, the “renders” are a combination of model and Photoshop, to a nice effect we would say.

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