Book Mountain - MVRDV

Posted Sunday, June 07, 2009 by SixSevenEightNine in Labels:

Public library by simply stacking books.

One of our favorite Dutch firm, MVRDV has designed at public library in Spijkenissse, the Netherlands. The building form, following that of a Dutch barn style typology and its brick clad terraces makes reference to the agricultural history of Spijkenisse Village. The glass shell reveals the mountain of book shelves which are intended as an advertisement for reading. We think the spatial and visual effect of the building is stunning although the lighting of the reading spaces and the support spaces (which are stacked vertically) might be a problem. Nonetheless it is this experimental nature of firms like MVRDV that never fails to amaze us. They may not produce the most beautiful buildings but they always try to create something new, sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't but most of the time it’s always controversial and that perhaps is what make their architecture always interesting

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