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Andreas Gursky is a German photographer best known for his massive architectural and perspective photographs. He uses extremely wide, panoramic-like angles to create an overwhelming sense of presence and space. He generally shoots subjects that bear some sort of repetition – people, windows, foodstuffs, you name it – and exploits their undiscovered beauty for the world to appreciate.We like his works that brings us to the eye level of a god, to look back down on earth again. It is a new sensation and it's feeds our superhuman alter-ego. But the general mood exudes a bleakness and desolation even though vibrant colours are employed in the photography. They are truly works that inspire interpretation.

Andreas Gursky also holds the record for the worlds most expensive photograph ever sold. His 99 Cent II Diptych – sized at 207cm by 337cm – sold three prints, each over $2,000,000. The highest one topping out at an astonishing and record breaking $3,340,456.

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