Tic-Tac House - Forte Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitetos

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You behave differently at different time of the day. So should your house.
Why should a house be a monolithic unmoving object when everything around it changes? People behaves differently throughout the day; and so do the weather and seasons. In response to these constant changes, FGMF designed the Tic-Tac House, a 5 modules, light weight, pre-fab building. The central module acts as the kitchen and bathroom core of the house, while the remaining four rotate and can be reconfigured independently. While end-users has long been given the freedom of manipulating architecture elements (albeit on a smaller scale) such as windows and screen, FGMF brings manuevreabilty to a whole new level, in the process, challenging the conventional notion of buildings as still objects.

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