Crusch Alba - Gus Wüstemann

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Gus Wüstemann does old and new.
We love how something so old can look so new. An intervention, done by architect Gus Wüstemann in the historic Gotico area of Barcelona, of a bathroom and a kitchen in the shape of the cross resulted in a beautiful home that highlighted the old elements with a touch of chic. The architect careful integrated these additions to make old walls look like paintings and textures.

The white cross brought much light into an old heterogenic floor plan which did not enjoy much sunlight. Playfully overlaying the old and new, the sense of hierarchy is blurred and the place feels like it’s in a constant renewal process. Some spaces around the white cross dissolve and allow different activities to take place around it, with the help of lids and rotating panels, such as the bath which is easily turned into a children activity platform. By using wood for the old walls, it blends into the floor making the occupants feel more like they are in a volume rather than just walking on floors. The new intervention is also a white volume clearly highlighting the new much lilted kitchen and bathroom.
Lovely photos taken by BRUNO HELBLING

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