Moët & Chandon Marquee - PTW Architects

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Immerse yourself in a bottle of bubbly.
PTW is better known for their creation of the water cube for the Beijing Olympics, but in a Marquee that was created for the Melbourne Cup horse race, they also made used of the digital technology from concept to realization of the design. They created a sparking and surreal atmosphere that reflected the client’s vision, “bubble-ism”, perfectly.

From the architects:
PTW has used the latest digital technologies from concept to realization of the design, to create a sparkling and surreal atmosphere in the name of the “bubble-ism”.
Through the use of daylight and a tensioned Lycra material that is digitally patterned and custom-tailored for the space, a 10 by 10 off-the-shelf marquee is transformed into a space that the press describes as an “avant-garde environment not of this earth”

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