Eero Saarinen: “Shaping the Future,” - Museum of the City of New York on 11-11-2009 – 31-1-2010

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Eero Saarinen: “Shaping the Future” exhibition, NYC.
Finnish-born Architect Eero Saarinen was probably well known for glamorize postwar corporate America. General Motors, I.B.M., CBS all came knocking at his door. America was emerging as a world power and architecture was an expression of her new found prosperity. A Yale graduate, Saarinen majored in sculpture in France before indulging in architecture. With the responsibility to represent America to the world, it was clear he had his difficulties."In the final section of the show we see him working through a gamut of possible designs for the American Chancellery in London. The designs ranged from classically modern to neo-fascist, sensual concave facades to rigid boxes.

"All of them struggle to fit into their context, their scale and proportions relating to the buildings around them and the park across the street. But it is as if Saarinen cannot put his finger on a fixed image that America should portray to the world."

Some of his famous works were not work of architecture, instead they were furniture like the on Santa is sitting on with a bottle of coke in an advertisement.

Mr. Ouroussoff (NYC) writes that into the 1950s, "corporate America had come to realize that architecture could serve as a valuable public relations tool, and the work of Saarinen and his Modernist allies had become part of popular culture."


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