10 clever bench ads

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See how and ubiquitous object can be changed to advertisement. The truth is the bench is underrate and sometimes under used so why not?

Created by Sukle Advertising & Design advertising agency for Denver Water, its hard to pass by without taking a second look and absorbing the message: use only what you need.

Bubble wrap bench, conceived by BBDO New York, for Fed- Ex. They can ship anything, this bench included.

Created by FirstOntario Credit Union to assure the public that their short-term investments are secure as can be, even in this shaky economic climate

This is one bench you will never see us on. It weighs whoever is sitting on it and displays it mercilessly to onlookers around. From Fitness First.

The ad slogan for a Czech liquor called Becherovka is "Get closer" Trying sitting down on this bench without someone sliding next to you.

With cheap fabric and accessories Ikea proves that even the most worn-out bench can be turned into a homely welcoming space.

Why didnt they think of this earlier. Sure leave onlooker graving for one, epecially those jogging in the park!
Simple and effective!

Usually a skin care commerical convey their message through skin revealing ads. Nivea proves that smooth, cellulite free skin is superior and nicer to sit on compared to the dimpled side.

Here in the tropics you can hardly picture yourself going up a ski mountain. Alberta Travel gives you a hand.

In Germany, Cereal Special K used flexible material to shock people into thinking that they are so heavy they made the bench cave in. Hopefully, those who sat on the bench will be enticed to try their 99.9% fat free cereal to solve their weight problem.


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