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While OMA have been productive of late, including winning several notable competitions, it is less often to see Rem Koolhas fronting the project himself. At 6789, we follow the works of OMA closely, not necessary as an endorsement to his architecture, but rather driven by the furore generated by each of his projects. At the very least, it elevates architecture from the banal because with Koolhas, its hardly ever just another building.

With Chu Hai College, Koolhas created two 8-stories tall parallel slab blocks with a rich public space in between, housing 3 faculties (arts, science and engineering, business), with 10 departments and 2 research centers. While we like the idea of the library, cafeteria, gym and lecture theaters being tucked underneath, giving rise to a topography of ramps, steps and shaded platforms, that generate several different spaces for socializing, meeting, studying; we are a little more skeptical about the 2 massive blocks with their the open staircases and mesh facades which seem yet to be resolved.

Let us know what you think.

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