Come rain or come shine - Christopher Niemann

Posted Thursday, January 21, 2010 by SixSevenEightNine in Labels:

And now for my personal 2010 weather forecast.

January 21:
50 percent chance of slush puddles.

January 21:
90 percent chance of me overestimating my ability to jump across slush puddles.

February 28:
Local fog for bespectacled people entering warm room.

March 10:
Spontaneous showers and umbrella purchases

March 12:
Isolated precipitation.

March 13:
Umbrella dissipating.

March 14:
Developing weather pattern.

April 23:
Sudden climate change from nagging about the cold to whining about the heat.

May 5:
The whole world looks absolutely gorgeous.
Strong advisory: do not go on real-estate hunt.

June 15:
Increased chance of grown men wearing shorts.

July 3:
Young children, on the other hand, look perfectly adorable in shorts. The only downside: their bare legs stick to playground slides.

August 12:
Hot car mixed with high probability of regret about those chocolate bars on family trip to the beach last week.

September 9:
Most people back to wearing long pants, with lingering socks and sandals.

October 16:
10 percent chance of strong fall winds making my hair look wild and audacious.
Or, 90 percent chance of strong fall winds making my hair look really stupid.

November 25:
Half-frozen Gummi bears from that beach trip discovered in glove compartment. Surprisingly tasty.

December 29:
Freezing, 75 percent chance of young parents going nuts while spending a whole weekend indoors. Playground visit exposes remarkable velocity of synthetic winter outfits.

All year:
Severe threat of conversational drought, if it wasn’t for weather-related small talk.

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