Jean Paul Gaultier and Levi’s

Posted Saturday, February 06, 2010 by SixSevenEightNine in Labels:

In October last year in Paris, Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Spring/Summer 2010 streetwear collection collaborated with denim brand Levi's®. “Revamping and reconstructing the iconic 501® jeans.”

“The bold reconstruction by the ever-youthful Jean Paul Gaultier was not without his signature touches, the chic maritime stripes and bondage accents adorned the cuffs of 501® jeans, and exposed selvage run through the side seams of jeans and shorts – in equally pure and uncompromisingly rigid denim. Epitomizing the America Dream since 1973, Levi's itself is an effortlessly cool and edgy brand. Fused with Gaultier's genius sense of innovation, and impeccable couture craftsmanship, the streetwear collection is a refreshing mixture of chic masculinity with utter authenticity and edge.”


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