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UPTO35 is an international architecture competition for architects up to 35 years old organised by OLIAROS development company. Participants are invited to submit proposals for a student housing complex in Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio (KM), an area in the historic centre of Athens, Greece. The winning entry is entitled '18 steps', is by João Prates Ruivo & Raquel Maria Oliveira, Greece.
The jury's' comments sums up the proposal: "A strong conceptual idea, very specifically linked to the way student life is organized and how students interact. The 18 living units are organized along 18 steps of public space ascending from the ground to the roof. A beautiful stairway winds around an inner courtyard and, through variations of inclination and spatial conditions, undergoes a sequence of transformations, passing through collective, semi-collective and semi-private zones. The closets between the public and private spaces are conceived as rotating partitions, allowing the residents to integrate or separate from the collective. This combination of circulation/collective/private space generates an atmosphere of communication and interaction, which is nevertheless silent, clear and without conceptual rhetoric. The system of poche and inhabited external walls gives the building a quiet and clear structure, while articulating the main spaces and the individual cells that this porous wall contains with a skillful spatial expression. "

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