Underfull Tablecloth - Kristine Bjaadal

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Underfull - the tablecloth that turns spilling into poetry from Kristine Bjaadal on Vimeo.

Underfull – the tablecloth that turns spilling into poetry

Will this encourage spilling or what! Turning a normal negative situation into a positive one.

”The concept allows a great collection of patterns. Different patterns will tell different stories. In the prototype, butterflies spead out over the woven floral pattern – creating a layered image. The butterfly pattern resembles the tablecloth itself; butterflies always come as a surprise, they are soundless and suddenly come into view, as if out of out of thin air. They go through a tremendous metamorphosis; starting out as rather dull caterpillars, changing into beautiful, colourful, playful butterflies. A butterfly seems to be free and happy, but at the same time fragile and transient – just like the pattern of the tablecloth.”

Via Kristine Bjaadal...


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