Realism in Asian art – The National Art Gallery Singapore

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Realism in Asian art explores the impact of realism in the development of 20th century Asian Art. Jointly brought to you by The National Art Gallery, Singapore and National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea. Engage yourself with paintings about independence, nationhood and modernity with themes that include, Realism as a Form of Representation, Hail the worker and many more.
The exhibition is specially organized in its clusters as you walk through the whole gallery. A lighted path draws you to the changing themes as it introduces you to the selection of paintings.

Just like us, you can join in the fun at the children’s corner with activities for both kids and adults to try their hand at either a painting or sketch.

Do not miss it.

Realism in Asian Art
9 April till 4 July
Singapore Art Museum
Exhibition design: gosh d


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