6 Creative Advertisements on Stairs and Escalator

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This is an awesome ads on stairs. To utilize the store’s main staircase in a creative way by presenting it as a chest of drawers, with everything inside neatly organised, highlighting the efficient use of space in an impactful way.

Life comes at you fast. Nationwide Auto Insurance.

HP Photosmart: Escalator

To capture the long-lasting ability of Stabilo highlighters, giant pens were installed at the beginning of escalators throughout Hong Kong. As the steps continually moved forwards, the pen appeared to create the bright yellow safety marks on the side of the steps – non-stop from morning to night.

To encourage people to take the stairs instead of the escalator, regular stairs at the Odenplan subway station in Stockholm were turned into piano keys. You can make your own songs when you climb the stairs !!!

To advertise the wide variety of hairstyling options available at Juice Salon, a picture of man up to his forehead was pasted on the base of the escalator and a different hairstyle on each of its steps. As each step of the escalator moved down, it resulted in showcasing of a different hairstyle.


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