Vanity Fair’s World Architecture Survey: the Complete Results – Part 1

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Architect: Frank Gehry
Structure: Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
Year Completed: 1997
Number of Votes: 28
By Peter Knaup.

Architect: Renzo Piano
Structure: Menil Collection, Houston
Year Completed: 1987
Number of Votes: 10
By Paul Hester.

Architect: Peter Zumthor
Structure: Thermal Baths, Vals, Switzerland
Year Completed: 1996
Number of Votes: 9
By Todd Eberle.

Architect: Sir Norman Foster
Structure: HSBC Building, Hong Kong
Year Completed: 1985
Number of Votes: 7
By Heather Coulson.

Architect: Rem Koolhaas (Office for Metropolitan Architecture)
Structure: Seattle Central Library
Year Completed: 2004
Number of Votes: 6 (plus 3 votes for “most significant work of architecture created so far in the 21st century”)
By Robert Polidori.

They asked the world’s leading architects, critics, and deans of architecture schools two questions: what are the five most important buildings, bridges, or monuments constructed since 1980, and what is the greatest work of architecture thus far in the 21st century? Here are the answers from their 52 respondents.

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