1,000 Singapores

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Singapore is capable of housing 6.5 million people.
Singapore occupies only about 700km2.

Multiply that by 1000, it is possible to fit the entire world’s population into a land area approximately twice of Italy, equal to Texas, 1/5 of India, 1/10 China...

1000 Singapores is also about the thousand faces of a high density city-state – a portrait of the diversity of the living environment and the people who live there. Ultimately, if 6.5million people are able to live sustainably on 700km2, this then offers a powerful model for the compact city of the future.

A city that is green.
A city that is transit-oriented.
A city with high intensity and fully integrated infrastructure.
A city that manages water and waste efficiently and effectively.
A city where the residents are creative and productive.
A city of innovation and ideas.
A city where diversity and differences are celebrated.
A city that is complete and fully connected.
A city that houses the world.

1000 Singapores takes housing beyond architectural typology. Housing is shown as an active act to create communities - a meta-project integrating architecture with governance, social systems, finance and infrastructure. Starting from the most basic pre-fabricated component, 1000 Singapores demonstrates how this is scaled up to towers, neighbourhoods, new towns, districts and the nation.

From the pragmatic to the sublime; from public housing toprivate housing; from the carefully planned micro-home to the townships strung together by rapid transit; from social policies to estate management, 1000 Singapores will paint a picture of an intelligent city based on home ownership. A city where the house forms a critical building block of society.

1000 Singapores explores the character and qualities of a compact city and how people and architecture meet to form avibrant society. With one 35m long model and a thousand images, this exhibition will tease apart the many melodic strands of this intricate planning fugue to show how it all comes together as one complex system.

Jeffrey Ho

Khoo Peng Beng - Lead Curator
Belinda Huang
Erik G. L'Heureux
Florian Benjamin Schaetz

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