SALA Phuket Restaurant - Department of Architecture

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Designed as an outdoor pavilion, Sala Phuket Restaurant is the main restaurant in a resort in Phuket. With an indoor and outdoor dining capacity of 50 and 70 respectively, Architects Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd, did a great job coupling attention to detail and creating different spatial experiences. Columns were not in a tradition grid formation but in a natural rhythm of its own to create a sense of edgelessness.

“Solid volume of the service area, including kitchen and restroom, is separated from the main building; allowing the dining area to be surrounded entirely by nature. Unlike the dining area, the restroom, with constraint on its location, establishes its relation with nature in a different way. Hidden behind the wall, an outdoor space is carved out of the solid volume of the service area. This hidden open space with installation-setting vanities serves as a surprising entrance to the restroom.”

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