MoneyClip / Defeating signature – Roger Arquer

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Card of the future?
Developed for Visa competition by Roger Arguer Royal College of Art, 2005. The first proposal integrates two features: it works as a credit card incorporating the new chip technology and at the same time it works as a clip, so the user can attach bills to the card. The new card combines the traditional (cash) and modern (credit). Inserting the chip card to the reader implies a vertical use rather than the horizontal swiping. The second proposal incorporates a cut out with the owner’s signature. The new chip technology replaces the use of the signature, which eventually will vanish. The user can use the card as a template to sign with its own signature. 6789 likes the first proposal better, it will more convenient for everyone if there do not want to travel with their wallets. Thank you Jan for the heads up.

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