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Humanitarian Architecture.

The first picture shows what is Architecture. The second shows what Architecture is about. This is perhaps one of the few precious things that architecture school taught us. When we look at objects, we see more than the surface, rather we seek to see the thoughts behind the objects. There is perhaps no beautiful objects; only beautiful thoughts and the Soe Ker Tie House is a beautiful piece of architecture. Designed by TYIN Tegnestue, a non profit organization working on promoting humanitarian through architecture, the Soe Ker Tie House serve as dormitories for an orphanage in Noh Bo, an improvished village along the Thai - Burmese borders. Constructed using local techniques and materials, the Soe Ker Tie House exemplify the potential of what could be achieved through a sensitive and down to earth approach towards architecture and more importantly reminded us of what architecture is truly about.

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