Doing things differently leads to something exceptional - Absolut

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Always one of our beloved brands, absolute once again brings a smile to our faces!

Celebrating creativity, Absolut debuted “Anthem” on August 3, a new visionary TV commercial that artfully embraces the brands legend as a pioneering and culture-shaping brand.
Created by six real life artistic installations, this cinematic, inspirational film, shot by Rupert Sanders, is both a literal and metaphorical manifestation of the brand’s ethos – In an ABSOLUT World, Doing Things Differently Leads to Something Exceptional. The commercial will launch globally, and is for many markets the first ever TV commercial from ABSOLUT.

At six different locations a crew of artisans have created large-scale installations out of ice blocks, wheat, two thousand hanging ABSOLUT bottles, flying lanterns, gigantic balloons and a myriad of glass cylinders. Each installation forms a word and is crafted to tell its part of the ABSOLUT story – from the iconic shape of the bottle and the Swedish winter wheat distilled to the urban landscapes in which ABSOLUT VODKA is enjoyed.

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