The Perforated House - Kavellaris Urban Design

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The Perforated House by Kavellaris Urban Design .

The site is nestled between a row of single fronted Victorian terraces and a double fronted Edwardian weatherboard house. To respond to the period setting, the architects designed this Perforated House as a response to establish an alternative language to the accepted notion of the cultural attitude towards critical questions of identity and heritage.

The built form is essentially an urban infill within a 5.5×14.4m envelope. More than just a facade reinterpreting traditional facade typologies with liberation, the building instead allows the external facade to be experienced internally. The facade is also a multi functional device that constantly transforms the built form from solid to void, from private to public, from opaque to translucent. By day the building is heavy and reflective and by night inverting into a soft translucent permeable light box. The operable wall or the absence of the fixed facade removed the idea that houses are static. This architectural manipulation of space blurred the boundaries between inside and outside, the public and private realm. The manipulated spaces overlapped and borrowed the amenity and context of its surrounding environment.

"This project to us is a platform to establish a critical dialogue within our built environment; to raise questions as much as it is to finding solutions. The project is a critique on our cultural attitudes and how we determine them. A critique on what we consider to be of heritage significance and how to narrate such ideas in a critical and contemporary manner." -- Words of the architect

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