L'ile aux Ashby - Ode to the Future Tribe

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We all love our accessories. The unique mix of materials like acrylic and hard wares makes it a hard edge combination when most accessories usually provide the softer touch to our outfit. The architectural pieces, with our petite Asian sizes, could easily be the centre stage of your outfit too.
More about L'ile aux Ashby

L’ile aux Ashby (pronounced as “L” “OR” “ASH” “B”) is a fashion label for the discerning urbanite; designs that will encompass three distinctive attribute – quality, detail and exclusivity.
Ode to the Future Tribe
Anticipate the future, yet honour culture and tradition. This is what Ode to the Future Tribe collection is all about. Fusing timeless tribal patterns with a futuristic edge, expect a style of exotic modernity. A dash of architectural cuts is inherent in this collection, giving the look of sharpness and finesse. The emergence of simple shapes and dual inspirations is an organized chaos – a blend of unique minimalism. L’ile aux Ashby’s designs are often limited in number but it is always for fashion individualists with a penchant for style, quality and exclusivity. Be intrigued with these hybrid pieces; a sign of fashion forwardness.
L'ile aux Ashby stocking at Mandarin Gallery! Trioon, #03-28 Mandarin Gallery333A Orchard Road Singapore 238897

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