Creative and Unusual Bus Stop Advertisements

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Hasbro Cluedo: Bus stop killer from DDB, Italy

IKEA Bus Stop

Real sofa from IKEA was placed in a bus stop shelter in Istanbul.

McDonald’s: Free coffee bus shelter

McDonald’s was giving away free small cups of its brew for a two-week period, in an effort to attract new breakfast customers. A transit shelter was turned into an ‘hourglass,’ with an ever-diminishing number of coffee beans reminding customers of the promotion’s short-term nature.

Victoria Bug Zoo: Eyes

The Victoria Bug Zoo is all about experiencing the world of insects and spiders. This TSA, made from a plastic sheet with hundreds of small magnifying lenses, allowed passersby to see through a bug’s eyes.

Perwoll Color Magic detergent: See colors (Color blindness test)

It’s know that you can’t tlak about colors if you can’t see them. Tha’s why, to promote Perwoll Color Magic, a detergent that protects colors from fading out, we created a unique street color vision test: instead of colorful dots we used over two thousand socks rolled like just after laugdry, put into citylights at the bus stops. Those who were able to see colors could also spot the correct solution: a shape of Perwoll bottle inside the circle.
As a result people in Warsaw sould test their color vision and see with their own eyes that Perwoll allows them to see colors, even after washing.

Omar Cal├žados (Footwear Store): Silhouette

The project is the installation of a feminine silhouette protected by two red curtains, showing only the film legs and shoes of the collection Omar Footwear. During the night, a play of light emphasizes the silhouette and the collection of shoes, thereby creating the presence of women within box of advertising.

The Heart of the City: Rubbish

Everyday the rubbished found around the bus shelters was picked up and placed inside the bus shelter.

Treasury Casino: Let The Good Times Roll

7563 dice were painstakingly set into the face of Treasury Casino’s bus shelter sign

San Francisco Zoo: Critter Quest

Australia Post: Personalised stamp

3M Secutity Glass: Money

McDonald’s Freshness Box Salad

Clever poster, with what appears to be fresh salad vegetables, changed a bus shelter into a section in the refrigerator.

Playstation 2: Bus stop

This bus station in Malaysia features boards with bubble wrap.

Star Wars Episode III: Lightsabers

This is an outdoor ad, mostly called citylight. The inner side of the installation is exposed to show the fluorescent tubes that look like lightsabers.

Science Alberta: Invisibility

Is invisibility possible?
Invent your future with a career in science.

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