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GOLDEN AGE - SOMEWHERE from Paul Nicholls on Vimeo.

Downloadable architecture.


To promote the toy, Ogilvy Malaysia thought up these imaginative posters that, when viewed from the correct angle, depicts monsters and animals attacking the city of Singapore.

The series recently picked up a Silver at the ongoing Cannes Lions festival.

"Using black lacquered glass for the interior (cases, floor, furniture, walls), but left the existing structure untouched. The museum building is a former glassmaking workshop, one of 30 former bottling-plant structures that the Shanghai Glass Co. still owns.

The black, sleek glass of the interior reflects the LED lights and screens positioned throughout the space, creating a shiny and glittering multi-dimensional feel. This emphasizes the interaction, interdependence and influences of periods, continents, materials and peoples involved in the art, craft and industry of glass.

The design of the space and exhibits and the use of various media help create an interactive and participatory museum experience where the visitor is directed through the story of glass."

“Designwise, we wanted to create a piece of black crystal glass. Sparkling, reflecting, sleek and deep,” Thürmer of Coordination Asia says.

Ballerina Project is born out of dance, fashion design and photography. Beautiful juxtapositions of ballerinas in movenment and pose with the city playing as its backdrop.

Called Multi Mil this multi function staged designed by Dutch Studio NL Architects can host performance such as theatre, fashion shows and dance. This turnable stage allows for a great flexibility and variety to better accommodate different events.

Isn't this great. A wrapper that works for all occasions. Cute and clever. :)
Word Puzzle universal wrapping paper — design and art direction by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti. Simply locate the holiday you need, circle it, and you’re good to go.

Taking into consideration life cycle, like in this branding identity exercise, is seldom seen. A small design studio needs many different office materials for its communication. In order to cut down on costs, resources and waste, I had to rethink the design of stationery. Plans of 9 different items are printed on one sheet of paperboard using only two printing inks. A paper with excellent environmental credentials from Gmund has been used.

Love it. Look how something so mathematical can be so beautiful.


Our friends over at PRODD did an interesting calendar a while back. We love the new format and how the graphics and the text are meticulously laid out.

"Calendars keep time, and there is more than one way of telling it. Our lunisolar calendar re-orders and emphasises the traditional Chinese system over the Gregorian one, such that it alters our preception of time and re-aligns us closer with the cyclical rhythms of nature — seasonal changes in rainfall, the awakening of insects and moon phases. A welcome respite from our corporate, digital selves."

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi from Timo on Vimeo.

Using a four-meter-tall lightbulb-studded stick and long-exposure photography, the designers "paint" a picture of network signal strength onto cityscapes.
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JP Morgan Chase – Change from Psyop on Vimeo.

Here is a creative spot entitled "Change Chase" for the banking company JP Morgan Chase, and imagined by the agency Mcgarrybowen. Produced by Psyop and Smuggler.
Reminds us of the movie Inception. Cool idea and great execution for the video.

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